Monday, May 19, 2014

It's here...

RL: *pssst* Over here! I have something to show you. It's... *looks over his shoulder* Big, and massive, and huge (and those are all the same thing, really). You wanna know what it is? You wanna see it, right? Okay, let me just reach down here and take it out...
It's not what you thought it was, was it?

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the new face of Outpost Season One. Available as of today as a paperback or ebook, for the exceptionally low price of $3.99. If you're wondering why you paid less for the Box Set (which is the same thing, actually) it's because you got a great fucking deal, Homes, when we were releasing Season Two. If you're nearly weeping at the injustice of it all: Don't Worry.
Part Two:
We are now offering review copies of Outpost One to anyone (literally, I offered one to the homeless guy on my way into work today) in exchange for honest reviews (pan us, praise us, we don't care, just be honest). If you purchased Outpost One but not Two (which was a very silly decision if you actually made it) we would be happy to offer you Season Two free of charge in exchange for an honest review. If you are a Super Fan (and you all know who you are) you have earned the Platinum Package (which does not, unfortunately, guarantee a happy ending) and we'd love to send you advanced copies of Outpost Three (which is in production but should be coming soon - to you, first, months before its actual release).
And one more little teaser for you: The new face of Outpost One is only the first in an entire new roll out of the Outpost franchise, culminating in the release of Outpost Three and something very special we're working on. A small off-shoot project that exists within the Outpost Universe.
It's called: "Phillip Craig: #1"...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Big Things!

RL: Hey everyone! Big...
TK: Huge.
RL: What?
TK: Not big, huge.
RL: What's the difference?
TK: The scope. Big is... *shrugs* but huge is massive.
RL: So 'huge' and 'massive' are the same thing?
TK: Roughly.
RL: But 'huge' and 'massive' and 'big' are different?
TK: Considerably.
RL: Really? Because I'm pretty sure if I looked them all up in a thesaurus they're fucking synonyms.
TK: Look, I'm not trying to get into a semantic argument...
RL: That's exactly what you're doing. You're arguing whether or not 'big' is the same as 'massive' or 'huge' when they're exactly the same. And you're interrupting my big...
TK: Huge.
RL: For fuck's... Really?
TK: Just tell them.
RL: Tell them what?
TK: What you were going to say. Just say it.
RL: I'm trying to fucking say it, but you keep interrupting me.
TK: Who's interrupting you? I just said 'huge.'"
RL: When I was talking.
TK: Only because you were saying it wrong.
RL: Fuck it. You tell them.
TK: But it's your announcement. That's what you called it.
RL: Then I'm calling it 'big.'"
TK: I'm just saying, if you'd spent the fucking money on it, you'd call it 'huge' not 'big.'"
RL: Technically I did, it's a joint account!
TK: Tell that to my fucking wife!
RL: Are you done? Because I really feel like we should make the announcement already.
TK: Who's stopping you?
RL: *sighs* Alright everyone. There's...
TK: Huge...
RL: ...things coming from the Brothers Finn. Keep your eyes on this space (you looked away! Don't do that!) for the new roll out.
TK: It took you that long to say that?
RL: You really need to air this shit publicly, don't you...?