Saturday, May 10, 2014

Big Things!

RL: Hey everyone! Big...
TK: Huge.
RL: What?
TK: Not big, huge.
RL: What's the difference?
TK: The scope. Big is... *shrugs* but huge is massive.
RL: So 'huge' and 'massive' are the same thing?
TK: Roughly.
RL: But 'huge' and 'massive' and 'big' are different?
TK: Considerably.
RL: Really? Because I'm pretty sure if I looked them all up in a thesaurus they're fucking synonyms.
TK: Look, I'm not trying to get into a semantic argument...
RL: That's exactly what you're doing. You're arguing whether or not 'big' is the same as 'massive' or 'huge' when they're exactly the same. And you're interrupting my big...
TK: Huge.
RL: For fuck's... Really?
TK: Just tell them.
RL: Tell them what?
TK: What you were going to say. Just say it.
RL: I'm trying to fucking say it, but you keep interrupting me.
TK: Who's interrupting you? I just said 'huge.'"
RL: When I was talking.
TK: Only because you were saying it wrong.
RL: Fuck it. You tell them.
TK: But it's your announcement. That's what you called it.
RL: Then I'm calling it 'big.'"
TK: I'm just saying, if you'd spent the fucking money on it, you'd call it 'huge' not 'big.'"
RL: Technically I did, it's a joint account!
TK: Tell that to my fucking wife!
RL: Are you done? Because I really feel like we should make the announcement already.
TK: Who's stopping you?
RL: *sighs* Alright everyone. There's...
TK: Huge...
RL: ...things coming from the Brothers Finn. Keep your eyes on this space (you looked away! Don't do that!) for the new roll out.
TK: It took you that long to say that?
RL: You really need to air this shit publicly, don't you...?

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